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Yacht Purser Course

Confidently Manage Yacht Administration and Logistics


--in 8 weeks--


(Without having to leave the comfort of your cabin or home while still being a part of a supportive community)

If you’re an aspiring yacht purser, newly qualified yacht officer, chief stewardess or a busy captain looking to gain valuable yacht administration skills to give your career a boost, you probably already know that you need to complete a yacht purser course.

Gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to effectively manage the vessel administration and logistics from the first truly online virtual learning provider. Our purser course has been tried, tested and perfected by over 30 students in the last year.


By completing the IAMI GUEST Accredited purser course, you will add vital skills to your CV in a difficult job market, and equip yourself with the tools you need to excel in your role. 

The purser is integral to the smooth operation of the vessel from both a logistical and operational aspect. It is imperative that crew who have never held this position understand the complexities involved in this challenging yet highly rewarding career. 

Delivery of Course

Complete the course from wherever you are in the world. It is 100% delivered online on our virtual learning platform which is constantly updated. Join a community of students online and leverage your own network in the process.

Our first-of-it's kind online learning platform is one of the best online course platforms in the world and is used by thousands of teaching professionals. There are videos to accompany the theory and delve deeper into some of the topics. Depending on your chosen delivery method, you will either complete the course as part of a group (where you will be able to join group calls) or on your own.

Benefit from a 1:1 call for each module with your trainer.


These are set to ensure you have the requisite experience and necessary skills to be successful in applying for Purser roles following the course. Basic Excel, MS Office, and mathematical ability, as well as common sense, are the essential skills needed to perform a Purser function on board. If you are not somewhat computer literate it is recommended to take an Excel course before commencing this training.

As a minimum, we recommend the following experience to provide you with the best possible chance of achieving a purser position after the completion of your purser certificate: 

  • Two-years experience working onboard yachts over 60m 


  • One-year of experience working on cruise ships as a purser

Because there are no 'one-size-fits-all' criteria, we conduct extensive interviews with potential students to ensure that the course is a good fit and will meet your training needs.


All assignments and assessments must be completed and passed as well as on oral examination passed via Zoom for a certificate to be issued by The Yacht Purser.


 Once you have met all the requirements for certifications, you will also receive the internationally accredited IAMI GUEST Purser Certificate.


We pride quality over quantity and there will always be a maximum of 7 students per class to ensure you get the most out of the course.

26 July 2021 (accelerated 4-week course with 3-4 calls a week)

5 October 2021 (8 weeks with 2 calls a week)

Please note that you are able to join any live group calls within a 1-year period of your course.


Kindly click on ENROL below, enter your details, upload your CV.

Role of the yacht Purser 


On completion of these two modules, students will understand:

  • the yacht purser's role in managing crew and vessel logistics

  • how the purser fits into the yacht's hierarchy, as well as reporting structures

  • how the purser supports each department on board

  • how the purser supports shore-based management, suppliers, agents and other stakeholders

  • crew and guests familiarisations

  • purser muster duties

  • scribe/narrative duties

foundational Leadership


On completion of these two modules, students will understand:

  • what motivates people and teams

  • how to set SMART goals

  • effective communication 

  • leadership styles

  • how to identify and manage stress and fatigue

  • salary expectations of a new purser

  • personality profiling

Yachting legal & Regulatory Environment


​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • international and maritime/admiralty law

  • sources of law on board

  • the role of the ILO and IMO

  • the Four Pillars of maritime law

  • Flag States

  • the role of the Classification Society

  • maritime treaties, conventions and codes

  • Port State Control 

  • private vs commercial registration

  • industry associations and bodies to support crew

Crew Management


​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • crew embarkation and disembarkation procedures

  • crew onboarding and management

  • crew certificate management

  • Certificates of Competencies

  • Flag State Endorsements and CECs

  • crew leave and training tracking 

  • payroll processing

  • crew insurance

Port Clearances

Port Clerarances.png

​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • the role of the yacht agent

  • maintaining the crew list

  • the FAL convention

  • customs procedures

  • importation of the vessel

  • immigration​ procedures

  • agricultural and health requirements

  • customs inspections

  • certificates versus declarations

  • shore leave

  • USA cruising 

  • Mediterranean cruising

Charter Operations


​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • yacht ownership vs charters

  • the different roles of charter brokers

  • factors for charter success

  • charter marketing

  • charter associations and agreements

  • charter costs

  • MYBA charter contract

  • VAT and charter

  • preference sheets

  • APA Accounting

  • guest management and reporting

  • daily duties on charter

  • crew gratuity calculation

Destination Management


​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • destination research 

  • itinerary creation

  • guest activity tracking and management

  • weather considerations

  • legalities, taxes and import considerations for world cruising

  • visas and vaccinations for crew and guests

  • shipping logistics for ship stores in transit

  • planning for an expedition

  • managing a trip

  • software used to manage trips


Budgeting and Accounting


​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • accounting definitions

  • accounting practices

  • purchase order system

  • book-keeping and double-entry practices

  • petty cash and multiple currency management

  • credit and debit card procedures

  • managing budgets and variances

  • cost code allocation

  • invoice and supplier management 

  • audits

  • VAT and the vessel




​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • how to effectively use MS Office​ to streamline admin on board the yacht

    • MS Word

    • MS Excel

    • MS PowerPoint

    • MS Outlook

  • how to manage folders on the server


voly yacht accounting software

Voly Purser.png

​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • how to use Voly Yacht Accounting to manage budgets, purchase orders, suppliers, HODs, trips, APA accounting on board



Deep Blue.png

​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • how to effectively use Deep Blue Soft to streamline admin on board the yacht

    • Core

    • HRM

    • PMS

    • Finance

    • Charter

    • Fleet

    • Inventory


EU VAT and customs, importation


​On completion of this module, students will understand:

  • what is VAT and how does it work

  • who pays VAT

  • VAT on goods and services

  • VAT on hull

  • VAT on sale or purchase

  • VAT and importation

  • VAT and chartering

  • VAT reporting

  • fiscal representative vs agent



Adult Students

Assignments have been created for each module that simulate the day-to-day duties a Purser completes onboard. This provides you with the confidence to walk into your first Purser role knowing exactly what is expected of you (and the ability to make mistakes 'in the classroom' first and learn from them). 


Frequently asked questions

How long does the course take to complete?

The course is presented over 4 weeks or 8 weeks depending on whether it is an accelerated course or not. You get access to a blended style of learning, with the theory contained in PDFs, videos to help deepen your understanding of the theory, group calls to cover additional topics and 1:1 calls to ensure you understand each module and how to successfully complete assignments. The course realistically takes 180-200 hours to complete. This is a combination of reading, watching videos, attending group lectures, attending 1:1 sessions with your trainer and completing the assignments.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have ten months to complete all the assignments. You have 365 days of access to the course material and can schedule your final oral examination within 365 days of your course start date. This date might be different to your course start date depending on your enrolment terms and conditions.

How fast can I realistically complete the course?

If you are not working and dedicate your time to learning, you could finish in 10 weeks. Most of our students are working at the same time, and so it takes them a little longer. We also do not feel that learning how to be a competent and high-achieving purser is something that happens overnight. We encourage you to take your time to fully understand concepts and complete assignments to the best of your ability. You will make mistakes, but you will also grow from them, with us as your support along the way.

What is the average time that students take to complete the course?

Most students take around 5-6 months to complete the course if they are working at the same time. Depending on how much time you dedicate each day, week and month to the course will also depend on how fast you will move through each module. We have had students complete the course in 2 months and also some who have taken more than a year.

Why does your course take longer to complete than other similar courses?

We take pride in ensuring that you have not only the theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills needed to excel in your first purser role. Assignments can take a few weeks each to complete depending on your ability and personal development through the course. We have designed the course to ensure you maximise your learning potential and that you don’t just receive a certificate at the end of the day, but actual hands-on experience.

How much time will I need to allocate to the course every day?

You will need to dedicate at least 2 hours a day for nine weeks to reading the material and completing assignments and perhaps a little extra over the weekend. The course will take you at least 180-200 hours to complete.

How challenging is the course?

The course is not challenging in the sense that you need to be an academic to complete it. A purser, officer and captain all carry a lot of responsibility. Most first-time pursers and officers have little to no experience completing any of the actual day-to-day tasks needed to manage the vessel administration and logistics successfully. The content can be challenging to comprehend at times, only because most students are still getting familiar with the terminology and regulations. Students who have completed the training said that by the end of the course, they were able to comprehend the most challenging aspects and that it all ‘fits into place’ eventually.

How much prior knowledge do I need to have about managing vessel administration and logistics?

We always feel that students who have worked on board a yacht with a purser have more realistic expectations about what a purser does. That being said, we assume that you know absolutely nothing about the role, and will take you from novice to pro by the time you have completed your training with us.

What certification will I achieve?

You will receive an internationally accredited IAMI GUEST Purser Certificate.

Why should I choose The Yacht Purser as a training provider?

We are incredibly passionate about what we do. We feel that we are not just a training provider, but also coaches, mentors and role models. We love helping students (and our network of stews and pursers) with questions that they have and supporting our community. The Yacht Purser runs a thriving Facebook Group dedicated to providing engaging content and news to pursers relating to the purser role specifically. There are no napkin folds or flower arrangements in there. Still, you will find updates on the VAT situation of the various EU Member States or other regulatory changes that affect the logistics and administrative aspects onboard. You may join over here (please do answer the qualifying questions when you request to join).

Sandra Jordaan, our founder and principal trainer, is continuously developing and honing her own skills. She holds an undergraduate commerce degree, two postgraduate diplomas and is a certified Life Coach. You may find out more in the ABOUT page.

Please also see our wonderful testimonials from past students.