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Gemma Blackman
Chief Stewardess

My favourite part about the course was the time and attention Sandra has given to the course content and structure and the wealth of knowledge she has and is happy to share with her students. The course is structured to allow you time to study and prepare for group Zoom calls where you can have questions ready (which is strongly advisable if you want to get the most out of the course). It is broken down into areas of focus to provide you with an easier learning platform at the same time as showing you detailed information about all the elements a purser’s daily role. 
There is so much to learn about how to be a purser and it is taught in such a way that you can practice and retain it. I had a good understanding of the from friends and colleagues but never really saw the information so in-depth until this course. I now feel confident that I have been given a strong foundation of knowledge that I would be walking into a purser role with my eyes wide open and feel prepared for anything.


This course is perfect for someone who wants to be a purser but is not quite sure if they have what it takes. This person should be extremely focused on learning as much as possible, pre, during and post this course as there is a huge amount of interesting information to read and retain. Even if you finish this course and you are not sure you want to be a purser it will make you a better chief or 2nd Stewardess. Without a doubt, it will also make you a better crew member. 

I loved the course. I think that it got better towards the end as it is ever-evolving, like how the MS Office tutorials are open from the beginning and the feedback progression to 1:1's etc. I loved the 1:1 sessions!

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Natalia Stroh
Admin Stewardess

What I appreciated most about The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course is the fact that it combines group study as well as individual calls. Sandra dedicates substantial amounts of time and her expertise to every single student, which shows she genuinely cares about the program she has developed and wants to see her students succeed.
It is a beneficial course in terms of learning what being a Purser entails; you actually do the things you would typically do in the role of a Purser. It is set up in a way that is comprehendible and lets you work at your own pace, which was very helpful - especially if you're still working full time while doing it.
My biggest "aha" moment was realising that the purser is not only an administrative role but also has elements of HR. People skills are valuable in the role. I was delighted to learn that a Purser should very much be available to the crew in terms of communication onboard and someone that the crew can turn to if they need. To be cut out for this type of role, you need to be happy to be available 24/7.
This course is perfect for someone who's been in the yachting industry for several years and wants to make it a career. It's not for the faint-hearted because even though the work is not difficult, it requires a lot of responsibility and commitment. After all, a purser has an extensive scope of people that they are in contact with. It helps to have previously dealt with many people with different cultural backgrounds and languages since you're working in an international industry. Most importantly, you need to have a zest for the work you do because you are someone the crew looks up to.

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Chief Stewardess

The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course is an amazing course that has been fantastically put together. I really enjoyed the fact that it was so much more than what I thought it would be. It is always refreshing to get more for your money than what you bargained for! It is an amazing stepping stone for either becoming a Purser or wanting to be a better Chief Stew. The information is applicable to both roles and gives you an edge that will boost your confidence, broaden your knowledge of all departments and simplify the way you would do the admin side of your job. I would definitely recommend this course to any chief stew wanting to be more.


My biggest "aha" moment was learning about the certification and registration of the different yachts, PYC, LY3 etc. You always just hear the Captain talk about it, but actually understanding it now and being able to explain to someone else make you feel like you can hold your own during these discussions.
This course is perfect for someone that enjoys the admin side of yachting and who wants to move into a more paperwork focused role rather than on things like service etc. That person would be great with the guests but should also care about assisting the crew; someone consistent and that enjoys a different challenge.

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