Who is The Yacht Purser?

  My name is Sandra Jordaan. I embarked on my yachting career in 2006 after graduating from university, knowing that I was never going to be happy working a traditional 9-5. I know first-hand how difficult it is to land that first Purser job, despite being highly qualified and with the necessary experience. After tweaking my CV for hundreds of hours and hounding many crew agents, I was fortunate enough to land my first Purser role on a 91m yacht where the captain let me create the program onboard. 


My achievements as a Purser include designing a unique program that gets rid of all the countless Excel spreadsheets and increases efficiency and accuracy enormously. This is also the program I will use should you require a shore-based Purser that the Captain will have access to as well. 


I created The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course out of both a love of teaching and imparting my knowledge as well as the need for a course with very practical content and assignments.   

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