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Who is The Yacht Purser?

Coach | Trainer | Mentor

Sandra's yachting experience spans over ten years travelling extensively to over 60 countries and all seven continents while working onboard private, charter and explorer yachts up to 91m, as a chief stewardess and purser.


Sandra has several yachting career highlights, including managing an 8-month refit as a purser, hosting royalty, presidents, celebrities and oligarchs on board (requiring extensive protocols), working at a yacht management company in Monaco, successfully completing a 72 day continuous Russian charter (with no preference sheets), navigating to the most remote corners of the earth and forging the most incredible friendships along the way.


Between yachting and extensive studies, Sandra edited a financial magazine called Enterprise Risk on how to prevent, mitigate, and insure business risk and facilitated large conferences and events. Sandra holds the following professional qualifications:

  • Strategic Intervention Coach (Core 100 Life Coaching through Robbins-Madanes Training) with Tony Robbins as a teacher

  • Superyacht Management Diploma (MTA, UK)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Tourism (UCT, South Africa)

  • Bachelor of Business Science, Accounting, Law and Economics (UCT, South Africa)

  • Masters Level Project Management Course (UCT, South Africa)

Purser Course

Through her love for teaching, Sandra launched the Ultimate Yacht Purser Course in 2019. Students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to perform vessel administration and logistics as a Purser confidently. As a career coach, Sandra is in a unique position to help crew discover their strengths and build their confidence so that they can find a job on a yacht they love, which is a bonus for her students. Between managing an international training company and supporting students and yacht crew worldwide, she is also a mother to her son Leo.


Sandra is one of three Training Providers to be granted the IAMI GUEST Accreditation for Purser Training. In 2021, Sandra was elected to the PYA Council Welfare Group.

She continues to share her extensive knowledge as a coach, trainer and mentor while building and nurturing the Purser community. Professional highlights include:

  • Acrew 2020 and 2021 Mentorship nomination

  • Acrew 2020 Entrepreneur of the year finalist

  • Council Member PYA Welfare Group

The Yacht Purser partners and associations:

  • IAMI Maritime Hospitality Sub Group

  • PYA Partner

  • Nautilus Partner

  • ISS Member

  • She of the Sea Ambassador and Pledge Signatory

Sandra Kim Jordaan - Corporate Portrait


In 2020 Sandra Jordaan, The Yacht Purser, made it through to the top three candidates in the annual Acrew Awards for Entrepreneurship and was nominated for the Mentorship award as well.



For a crew member who has shown entrepreneurial flair. In the two years since departing yachting, Sandra has launched two successful brands (The Yacht Purser and The Yacht Crew Coach), all while juggling a toddler and teaching The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course. 

Judging criteria:

  • Leader

  • Networker

  • Project Management & Planning

  • Problem-solving

  • Willingness to learn

  • Creativity

  • Courage

  • Assertive

The three finalists per category are judged by Captains and senior crew, with video interviews and CVs.

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