If you have completed a yacht purser course already and haven't actually completed a crew leave document, training tracker, dealt with leave approval forms and then completed the payroll, this is an intense course that provides an excellent understanding of the purser payroll function on board. 


You will receive the following files:


  • Crew SEA Details (PDF) - 1 page per person containing all the pertinent information for 30 crew (regular and rotaional)
  • Crew Leave Approval Forms (PDF) - all the dates crew are leaving including how many travel days they get. Rotational crew are also on here to show the dates that they arrive and depart and their handover days. 
  • Crew Leave Spreadsheet (Excel) - you can use this spreadsheet on any boat you work on after this it is a great template
  • Crew Training Tracking (Excel) - this has past training on it and you will need to update it with training requested as per leave and training forms attached and use it to reimburse crew on the payroll as per the Training Policy
  • Crew Payroll Sheet (Excel) - this is another sheet you can take with you and use on any boat you work on (if they don't have something set up already). 



  • All three Excel Sheets are related – you need to complete the Crew Leave and the Training Tracker sheet before you can do the Payroll
  • All Excel Sheets need to be filled out for Jan, Feb and Mar 2019 to understand the continuity of each process.
  • There are a few curveballs – that you will be faced with in real life - if you are ever unsure please send me a Whatsapp on +27721994636 or an email on info@theyachtpurser.com 
  • Some SEAs expire during the first three months of the year and so you need to calculate a 3% increase for them
  • There is also a temp crew member who needs to be added to the leave and the payroll
  • One crew member only joins in Feb and one resigns so you need to calculate their pro rata salary - you can do this on the second sheet of the Payroll file
  • If someone passes their probation mid month you need to calculate 


Rotational crew usually don’t fill out a leave approval form but I have completed them for the rotational crew as well so that you can see how many travel days they get and be able to fill out the leave correctly.


Advanced Yacht Payroll Course


    These documents are all the copywright of The Yacht Purser and may not be distributed with anyone else. Doing so constitutes a breach of this agreement and is an offence. 


    On successful completion of this course you will be awarded with an Advanced Purser Payroll Certificate. 

    Successful completion requires that all three Excel Sheets are correctly filled out for January, February and March 2019. Please note that you can submit answers multiple times until it is right. If you are struggling with the answers we can arrange a Zoom session to figure out where you are going wrong.

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